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5 tips for a successful product launch

30 Jun
3 min read

More and more companies use eCommerce to reach their target audience and sell goods. Taking into account the pandemic and the trend of using online marketplaces, every company should reconsider launching products online, unless they want to be outrun by the competition.

However, in order to do it effectively, you need to learn the product launch strategies. In this post, we’ll explain 5 ways to do it successfully.

1. Understand your audience

Who are the people you want to sell your goods for? To answer this question, establish your buyer personas. In other words, imagine exemplary people you create the product for. What are their interests? What’s their gender expression? What do they do for a living? Understand their goals and needs. Give them a name! And from that point on treat them as if they were a real person. Anything you do, try to satisfy them.

2. Be professional

Pay attention to the details. Your clients won’t buy your product if they aren’t able to find it. Make sure they can access it easily. Don’t make it harder for them. Describe the details of your product – measurements, materials and any other necessary specifications. Remember that they are buying the product online so they can’t check it physically. On top of that, the photos/videos you provide need to be of the highest quality. Low-quality visuals can easily make your clients lose trust.

3. What is it you’re selling?

Be able to answer the most crucial questions about your product. What is it? If there are other products like that, what makes it special? What problems does it solve? Why would anyone buy it? Why not? Establish the emotions it conveys and the needs it meets. Create a story that will reinforce its uniqueness.

4. Learn from others

There’s no harm in getting inspiration from your competition. Competitive research can present data that will make the process of selling the product easier and more prosperous. What are the strategies they use? How do they reach their target audience? Look for the keywords they use and places they advertise their products in. However, still keep in mind that your product is special and not everything that works for other will work for you.

5. Product launch roadmap

Planning is key. A product launch roadmap is a way to depict how your product will enter the market. It goes into details about the product, marketing, development and sales. Here you should list all the tasks and tactics you’re going to use. Set major dates, like the launching date, and assign everything to specific people or departments in your company.

If you’re still unsure how to launch your product, our team will help you. We know what to do in the pre-launch stage, during the launch and after it. Just contact us!

Dorian Grzeszczak
Content manager

A content creator who started honing his skills as an artist at the age of 16. He continued doing so over the years, simultaneously thriving in other areas of expertise, such as digital painting, music, and social media. While studying English Philology (Communication in Media specialization) at the Pomeranian University, Dorian managed his fan pages and hence built a devoted and friendly community of followers. Positive, open to any suggestions person who will do his best to meet the expectations.