design / technology
boutique studio
based in warsaw / sirolo


We are a boutique studio founded by a Polish-Italian duo. We provide quick solutions to the problems of our modern world. Our aim is to make things easily accessible and effective.

Everything starts with a need. We make products that are designed to meet those needs by understanding customers, creating business value and utilising the best technology. We also bring cultural sensitivity to our work by recognizing each product’s unique place in the world.


meet our founders

Team member Martin Robinson
You cannot think of a person more connected to art, in every form. Fire gives her energy, just like the sea and the wind. She is the personification of life balance. She lives her life by mixing ancient behaviours and the dolce vita lifestyle. Music runs through her body, a base for each of her creations, it makes her, her. She graduated from the PJATK in branding. She always dreamed about opening her branding agency. Understanding humans and their perception of brands has always been her natural talent.
Team member Nicholas Johnson
He is a young, enterprising man with a high sense of aesthetics in every field of art. His main area of expertise is user experience. He can analyse days and nights during his constant journeys. Sometimes we laugh and joke that despite his young age he has the soul of a 60-year-old. The activity of the business makes him a unique man. Do you want to design a new website for your brand? You have come to the right place. He will do it the best.

our values

We stand for quality

At Zuni, we are not driven by profit but rather a deep appreciation for great design, a shared passion for technology and innovation, and an insane obsession for quality.

A people-first business

Our business runs on a simple principle - if we always put people first, and we manage to create the best possible place for talent and clients to work, the business will inevitably shine.

Flexibility wins every time

In a rapid-changing world, nurturing our ability to adapt is vital to us. From working remotely to adapting to our clients’ process, flexibility is one of our defining values.