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Everything you need to know about the QR code

28 Oct
3 min read

The extremely useful technology called QR code was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave and its name stands for Quick Response code. This technological phenomenon is so common that every entrepreneur should know what it is, how to use it and the dangers of using it. Continue reading this article to learn all these principles so that you can use QR codes to your advantage.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are similar to widely known UPC barcodes but are superior to them in terms of readability and storage capacity. You can use them to share big data or information that other people can read with their smartphones. All they need is a smartphone and a free-of-charge application. The truth is, any message can be encoded with QR codes but the most typical way they are used is to share contact information and HTML addresses or spread a really short message.

Are QR codes safe?

You definitely should be careful when decoding QR codes. They are a great tool for entrepreneurs (for example, to encode long website addresses on business cards), but they are also adopted by cybercriminals, so be careful which QR codes you open. They can utilize them to steal your data or transfer you to a website that will sabotage your computer with malicious software.

How to generate QR codes?

The development of technology allows anyone to create QR codes for free, fast and easily. All you need is a mobile application or a website that you can search for online. You do not need to make any payments, whatsoever. Additionally, it will take only a few minutes to generate a QR code. Some websites allow you to generate two different types of QR codes – static and dynamic. The static ones cannot be edited, while the dynamic ones, on the other hand, can be.

How can you use QR codes?

QR code messages can consist of even 1000 characters. That creates tons of possibilities. Some of the ones we propose is to put some additional information on your business cards or flyers, basically on anything that does not have enough space for the data you want to put it on. Our tip is to encode messages that are long and hard to remember like a link to your website or your company’s values.

Still not sure how to generate and use QR codes to your advantage? Message us and we will help you find the perfect QR codes for your business.

Dorian Grzeszczak
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