We create branding, websites & content for startups and innovative companies

Zuni design is a brand experience studio that supports start-ups and entrepreneurs in creating new brands, innovative solutions and effective communication strategies.

We bring projects to life, from design to development


We create visual identities for companies looking for more than a logo design. We create the corporate identity of the brand. As a whole. From scratch. Your brand book will be intriguing and flexible, attract the attention of potential customers and evoke the desired emotions in them.

Web development

We create prototypes, websites, e-commerce shops, and platforms, quickly and efficiently, all thanks to our innovative approach to the development process and a low-code design method. We are also highly competent in creating artificial intelligence applications and apps for voice systems such as Alexa and Google Home.

Graphic Design

We design custom graphics for brands and products. Nowadays, every detail of branding counts. Users choose companies that stand out and create unique content, so we will take care of the design, both the graphics and the look of your product.

how we can help you

Design and production of graphics, photos & video advertising material.

Brand design, logo design, brand identity creation, and brand strategy.

Prototype construction, websites, e-commerce, platforms & artificial intelligence systems.

Organisation of events, product launches, and offline campaigns for local promotion.

Communication strategy creation, implementation, and execution.

Public relations and media relations through effective communication.

latest projects

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What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US -

What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US - What they say about US -

"I warmly recommend Zuni Design. I have the pleasure of working with extremely professional people with extraordinary imagination and refined aesthetics."

Magdalena Kamińska

Founder, Sauvé Clinic
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"Zuni Design is simply great! I know very little about website design and they helped me design and create a wonderful site. They are extremely easy to work with."

Mark Savor

CEO & Founder at 3V Honey USA

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How long does it take to rebrand my company?

It depends on the project scope, the brand size, its goals, and how deep we want to go with the strategy. On average, a rebrand (strategy and design) could take from 3 up to 8 weeks.

How long does it take build a website?

The time it takes to build a website varies on several factors. Complexity, strategy, number of pages, development, specific integrations all affect the project time. It can take from 3 to 12 weeks.

What’s your approach?

Design, build, grow.
Do you want to know more?

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How much does it cost?

We don't have a price list. The projects we work on are all unique and different from each other, as are the services we offer. This implies that the prices are also customised according to the scope of work. To get an idea of the price of the services you need, book a meeting with us.