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How to promote your business when you’re blocked on Facebook, Instagram or Google

15 Oct
3 min read

The reality of our times is that a few companies (such as Facebook, Instagram and Google) control almost the entire online market. At this point, it may seem impossible to prosper as a company without social media and other mainstream services. For that reason, if one gets blocked from using these tools, it may seem that there is not much to do about it. In reality, entrepreneurs have been achieving success even before the age of digital giants and without their help. In this post, you will learn what you can do to boost your business, advertise it and still develop.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin


You can reach your clients online without the help of social media and one way to do that is through email marketing. The advantage of this medium is that it makes your company independent and you will not have to rely on algorithms to display your content or convey your message.

Posters and flyers

This already traditional marketing method is still effective. However, you need to pay attention to where you put these advertisements. You need to opt for places which your target audience visits the most. Additionally, aim for locations where plenty of people walk through (f.e. coffee houses).

Talk to people

You know the most about your company and thus you will explain the best what your products or services are about. Do not be afraid to passionately describe your enterprise. At the end of the day, this might be what other people are looking for. Furthermore, networking is key. Make connections with whomever you share common interests with, exchange ideas, learn from each other and help each other grow. One way to find people like that is by attending trade shows.

Helpful content

The Internet, among other reasons, is used for looking up information. One of the most common phrases used in the search engine is “How to […]?”. Help people find answers to questions you know answers for and that are related to your business! Create your blog and write articles, keeping in mind things such as SEO so that the search results present your website.

Sponsored ads

There are other places you can put your ads on. Social media are not the only ones. Try to advertise your company on retail websites, or other kinds of websites for that matter. Just remember to choose the ones which fit your niche and requirements. The users of these websites will see your ad while browsing through the content and this way you might earn new customers!

If you want to find out more strategies to stay relevant in the market without the help of Facebook, Instagram or Google, contact us! We will ensure the success of your company either way.

Dorian Grzeszczak
Content manager

A content creator who started honing his skills as an artist at the age of 16. He continued doing so over the years, simultaneously thriving in other areas of expertise, such as digital painting, music, and social media. While studying English Philology (Communication in Media specialization) at the Pomeranian University, Dorian managed his fan pages and hence built a devoted and friendly community of followers. Positive, open to any suggestions person who will do his best to meet the expectations.