Our Story

For the past 7 years, we have helped startups and entrepreneurs define, design and launch digital brands and products. Our super-smart group connects the Italian design with the Polish technological quality. We united these two worlds in a well-organized team that always delivers products with the focus on the smallest details.


Inevitable Encounter

In the bustling world of digital design, fate brought Filip and Alice together in 2021. Both working on a project for the same client, they quickly realized their shared passion for creativity and innovation. Alice, with her mastery of design, and Filip, a budding technological developer, formed a dynamic duo that laid the foundation for what was to come.


Expansion into Italy

Buoyed by their success and driven by ambition, Filip and Alice expanded their business into Italy in 2022. With a growing client base and increasing demand for their services, they recognized the need to bolster their team. Thus, they welcomed a talented copywriter on board, enhancing their capabilities and further solidifying their position in the digital design industry.


Diversification and Growth

As their reputation continued to soar, Filip and Alice made strategic moves to diversify their offerings in 2023. Understanding the importance of visual storytelling, they added a motion designer and a photographer to their team. This infusion of creative talent enabled them to elevate their projects to new heights, captivating audiences with compelling visuals and immersive experiences.


Evolution and Innovation

In 2024, Filip and Alice find themselves at the forefront of their industry, driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for their clients. With a well-rounded team of experts by their side, they are poised to tackle even the most ambitious projects with confidence and creativity. As they continue to evolve and push boundaries, the future holds limitless possibilities for this dynamic duo and their burgeoning digital design agency.

Our focus is to keep it simple. We want you to understand what we can do for you and how. With the group of our specialists, we will let you choose the services that suit you best. We will get to know your needs. Get to know us.