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What is a Brand Identity and Why You Need One

14 Nov
2 min read

If you own a brand or have some marketing experience then you have probably heard of brand identity or, if you have not, then it is high time you did. Any brand needs to work on its brand identity in order to achieve success among many other brands which do exactly the same. Continue reading this article to learn more about brand identity, what it is and why you should work on it.

What is a brand identity?

Let us start with a simple definition. A company’s brand identity consists of visual elements that communicate the ideas behind the brand, help consumers remember it, and set it apart from the competition. It is not the same as brand image, branding or a brand, even though these terms tend to be used interchangeably to describe the same thing.

How is brand identity different from brand image? Brand image is basically the outcome of brand identity. It is the perception customers have about the brand. Meanwhile, brand identity is a set of characteristics that are supposed to evoke certain emotions and create a specific image in the customers’ minds. Then comes ‘branding’ which refers to marketing practices aimed to shape a brand, and ‘brand’ – a product, service, or idea that is publicly set apart from the other ones.

Why do you need it?

Brand identity is crucial in order to set your company apart from the rest of the competition in the industry. It distinguishes your company and makes it stand out from the other businesses that offer similar goods or services. It guarantees originality and makes you noticeable to potential clients in the marketplace.

A strong brand identity enables you to convey a steady and consistent message throughout all of your marketing initiatives. The consistency of style and design throughout all of the materials makes your branding strategy effective. This creates consistency and a brand that is simple to recognize. That is also how you reach a certain, desired target audience who share the same values and needs.

A strong brand identity aids in raising awareness of your services and goods. This guarantees more exposure, and as a result, more potential customers will find your brand which will increase sales for your company. Moreover, your brand identity is a roadmap that shows anyone which path your company should follow. It explains the details behind every design and hence makes it easier for anyone to create coherent content, f.e. graphics that stick to the company’s visuals. An established brand identity is also an instruction for any new employee so having one makes their work easier and more efficient.

You do not know how to work on your brand identity? Contact us and we will do it for you.

Dorian Grzeszczak
Content manager

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