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What is no-code?

09 Nov
4 min read

Coding is a rare skill that requires a decent amount of knowledge and experience to comprehend and effectively perform computer programming. Living in the digital age that we are in right now, more and more entrepreneurs require that skill in order to create applications, websites, programs, etc. No-code meets those needs and presents the possibility of easy coding that demands little to no prior coding experience at all. Continue reading this article to learn what no-code actually is.

Simply put, no-code applies to a range of tools that you use for programming but you do not need vast coding skills to understand and use them. They are intuitive engines that use such solutions as built-in templates, drag-and-drop options and other pre-built elements. An example of such a program is Webflow. The whole phenomenon of no-code is that coding is based on the visual creation of software instead of operating actual convoluted codes. Thanks to simple interfaces, people with basic programming experience can use these tools to conduct coding actions. However, there are other types of coding that require more or less of that professional knowledge.


Zero-code solutions, as the name suggests, require no knowledge of coding principles in order to understand and use them. These particularly helpful tools are based on entirely user-friendly interfaces with no need for coding experience. The drawback of such programs is that often they do not create software entirely and are used more as supportive devices. A widely known zero-code example is Microsoft Excel.


Low-code tools are at the top of the difficulty ladder. No layman would be capable of using them at their full capacity without prior coding knowledge. They essentially enable more effective coding for developers. Low-code tools are designed for developers and those with coding expertise to speed up the whole process of programming. Draftbit and Retool are just a few examples of low-code solutions.

What does it mean for you?

There is no doubt that the no-code movement is getting more and more recognition and has become a trend that is going to influence the world of coding. In terms of companies, entrepreneurs and any brands that want to expand their capabilities, learning about the no-code and its benefits and applying these tools is going to reward them immensely. That means, if you do not want to be left behind, master the no-code programming and use it to your advantage.

Contact us to learn more about no-code. We will implement these tools in your own company and boost its performance.

Dorian Grzeszczak
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